Co-Curricular Activities

Enrichment Activities

Project-based Learning (PBL) is an important part of the curriculum at Ashley Academy.  Students are encouraged to ask questions, collaborate with others, develop answers, and present the findings.  These projects are hands-on and planned at each division for a specific standard or interest of the students in the class.  This process encourages students to address real-world issues while cultivating problem-solving strategies.


Creativity is the hallmark of the pre-kindergarten curriculum enrichment activities.  Children will study the life cycle of a duck and chicken while incubating eggs in the classroom.  Students will frequently reenact literature by dressing up, making food, and creating a craft.  Hands-on science experiments such as exploring pumpkins, creating rain, growing ice crystals, and erupting volcanoes are a few ways to engage learners to ask questions and make predictions.

Field trips are used as an extension of the classroom to bring learning to life.  Examples of offsite trips include Barter Theater, a corn maze, and local state parks while onsite guests include storytellers, Fire Department, and Ronald McDonald.


Through the use of small groups, cooperative learning activities, individualized learning plans, hands-on experiences and fields trips, students develop important skills such as creativity, independence, responsibility, leadership, and the ability to explore the world and those around them.  Some of the integrated projects include cooking and making applesauce during Apple Week, developing a constitution when studying the Constitution of the United States, developing a plan and planting a garden or using the seeds of gourds from the previous year to grow a new crop for the current year.  Students study the life cycle of the monarch butterfly from tiny caterpillars that attach to milkweed to blossom into beautiful butterflies.  Additionally, students will visit local gardens with a naturalist to discuss how to save these butterflies from extinction.

The Elementary division combines all grade levels on projects such as the Iditarod, where students researched the race, graphed and measured the distance, and researched the hardships that dog teams would encounter.  This project ended with a visit from the Rescue Siberian Husky group and sled.  Another project included the Election 2016, in which the middle school students created candidates for the school while the elementary students created the voting booths and developed the voting procedures.


Projects for middle school students are designed to encourage them to think about the world beyond themselves and to develop leadership skills.  Students visit offices of area veterinarians and doctors to explore career opportunities.  College and University professors are guest speakers to discuss science projects and students Skype with business professionals to learn about their innovative projects.  Teachers design themed weeks such as Star Wars and Jedi training to emphasize self-discipline in a profession and how to interview for a job.  Election 2016 at Ashley Academy included all students in the school studying the election process while the eighth graders created two new parties with a mascot, platform, and new candidates.


Ashley Academy seeks to provide after-school activities that appeals to many interests.  Some of these activities will include Strategy Game Club, Pokemon Go Club, Minecraft, chess, crafts, Chinese, cooking, and creative writing.  These enrichment classes will last 4-6 weeks each quarter.

Students in elementary grades are encouraged to participate in sports programs offered through the Johnson City Parks and Recreation. Students in grades 5-8 will represent the school in area competitions for cross country and track.

School community involvement includes, but not limited to the Thanksgiving Luncheon, Field Day, Veterans Day program, recycling program, and Costume Day.  Community service projects include visiting area nursing homes, visiting the Veterans Health Administration Hospital, volunteering at local animal shelters, sharing packages with neighbors adjacent to the school, collecting canned foods for local organizations, and supplying hygiene items for area homeless children.  These projects are used to emphasize character development and community involvement.

Extended Care

Ashley Academy offers extended day services in order to accommodate families that need childcare beyond the regular academic day.  This service is an additional cost beyond the regular tuition fee. The after school program is open until 6:00 p.m. and a whole day is from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  This service is available for days that the school is scheduled to be closed on the calendar such as early dismissals, breaks (fall, winter, and spring), and during the summer.

Our CPR certified staff provides the children with reliable and safe care in a fun environment.  The Extended Care team strives to complement the school program by:

  • Supervised help with homework
  • Providing a creative atmosphere for the promotion of arts and crafts
  • Providing sports activities to develop coordination, motor skills, positive competitive skill, good sportsmanship, and enjoyment of games
  • Developing an appreciation and awareness of our responsibility for our environment
  • Providing opportunities for quiet, self-directed play
  • Encouraging friendships between all age groups

In this way, the Ashley Academy Extended Care program gives children a positive, educational and fun extension of their school day.  It gives parents peace of mind to know that their children are in a supervised, safe, secure and familiar environment.

Summer Camps & Childcare

Ashley Academy is the place for inventive, collaborative, and most importantly, fun summer learning.  We offer childcare starting the Tuesday after Memorial Day through August with specific themed events.  Additionally, summer camps are offered for the budding farmers, scientists, chefs, athletes, Minecraft enthusiasts, pirates, princesses, and more!  Childcare and the camps are open to both Ashley Academy students and children from the community.

  • A full day of Summer Childcare is from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Camps are from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

A sample Summer Guide is attached below for you to review.  A new schedule will be available in March.

Click here to view the summer camp brochure for 2019